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A mixed media show featuring Art works by
EarthDance Owners Pam Yearout, Elizabeth Watson & Guest Pam Lewis
that incorporate and are influenced by nature
September 3 to November 4, 2021

Guest Artist :: Pam Lewis
Tipi Accent Lamps :: Painted Gourds :: Paintings & Prints :: Totem Cards
Pam lives on a ranch in Northern Sonoma County along the Russian River.
For over 30 years she worked as a graphic artist, specializing in: illustration, branding, logo design, marketing and promotional materials for the wine industry.
In 2005 Pam took up painting. Pam’s art and crafts are Influenced by nature and her travels through the West, exploring ancient historic sites, parks, monuments, tribal reservations, and wildlife refuges.

EarthDance Owners/Artists :: Pam Yearout & Elizabeth Watson
Gemstone Jewelry :: Watercolor Paintings :: Prints & Cards
Artists Pam Yearout & Elizabeth Watson live in Lewiston and have been influential in supporting the Arts in Trinity County for many decades. They are the originators of the Festival of Light and prior to EarthDance Art Studios & Gallery, they owned Our Space Gallery in Weaverville.
Pam has been drawing and creating art for years, and after retiring Elizabeth began painting, and together, out of a mutual love for stones, they began scouring rock and mineral shows in the Southwest and creating Gemstone Jewlery. Beyond beauty, the stones they choose have spiritual and healing properties and are fashioned into beautiful wearable art with a proprietary wire scroll method. Both Pam and Elizabeth favor watercolor painting – Pam’s paintings are mostly plein air – Elizabeth’s tell colorful stories.

Guest Artists July/August 2021:
John Garrett, Susan Alexander & Juanita Gonzalez

John Garrett says “I have been doing, thinking, organizing, creating, collaborating and teaching so many venues in the arts for a real long time. Looking back on all the service I’ve done in the name of the arts in this Trinity co, I am gratefully and gloriously tired.
As an arts educator I find myself blessed with all the schools, teachers and students of all ages that have come and gone in my tenure. In the 30 years here in the county I’ve taught old and young to paint pictures, write songs, and make everything with clay and the basics of drawing in a fun and giggly way.
The pursuits and statements of my own work I can say this, I relish in the fact that I can work in a variety of mediums and techniques that can be functional or be stand alone artworks. The work I do is whimsical, surreal, humorous, serious and at times cathartic. I like to champion the underdog and the struggle we all face at one moment to the next. I’ve never shied away from the delicate or the controversial. Really though if my buttons are not being pushed I would rather build beautiful things for all to enjoy. I am very happy to be in this show at Earth Dance with two of my favorite artists. Susan Alexander, and my art partner and love Juanita Gonzalez. Please enjoy my layered glass works of ceramic and glass.”

Susan Alexander has lived in Trinity County for several decades, taught art in the public schools and is an active member of the Trinity County Arts Council. She is retired, draws late into the night and does ceramics or painting during the day. This show will include a selection of clay clocks, a few paintings and several “covid” drawings – drawings done during this past year which are mostly studies in value- creating perception of depth without color. Susan is well known in the community for her ink drawings, both black and white and colored, which are fanciful, intricate, spiritual and quite beautiful and varied. She also excels in ceramics, having become famous for her animal clocks, frogs and other creatures. More recently Susan has taken up oil painting, and created some wonderful landscapes. Susan creates animal portraits on request, and does an amazing job of capturing the spirit and personality of each animal.

Juanita Gonzalez-Garrett is a mixed media artist who loves creating small metal works, stained glass, ceramic sculptures, and prophetic paintings that bring beauty and redemption to her audience.
“Decades ago, I left Claremont, my hometown in Southern California, where I grew up in a very large artistic family of 16. I was number 14!! I must say it was quite an experience living with a family of creatives; they nor I knew how deeply they would influence me and impact my life as an artist. I was exposed to ceramics, painting, drawing, sewing, and music. These same elements have become my passion in my creativity. I strive to bring beauty and a message of redemption to my work bench whether I design and create stained glass, jewelry, ceramics or painting prophetic art.”
Juanita learned the art of jewelry making and later stained glass with a mentor, Alice Ritchey in the late ‘60s. She continues to create her wonderful designs in jewelry and her work in stained glass led to a job in the 90s “a single woman working in a man’s world” fixing broken stained glass windows and building new windows. “This gave me the opportunity to work on my precision skills.
Juanita subsequently acquired an A.S. degree in Horticulture, and later graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in Art Education with a focus in ceramics. “In Weaverville (all most 4 years) I’ve become a Studio Artist who desires to continue to connect with God as this relationship is my inspiration, ingenuity, and creativity.”

Judy Abbott – Chico, California / Guest Artist May/June 2021:

“I have been doing art for 5 years. My art is unique, creative, and clever. I love the whimsical and I also like to create charming ladies and couples in nature scenes. I use shadow boxes and my own photos to create warm and inviting scenes (using driftwood, sea glass etc).

I started my art using feathers almost entirely and created feather designs on handcrafted wood boxes. The wood is from our local orchards here in Butte County (olive, black walnut, apple, cherry etc). My owls, raccoons, cats, and other creations have hand painted glass eyes that follow you. Our wood hearts are a favorite of many people and we continue to make these each year with different sizes available.

Drifters Series is my favorite to create, and I would label as my signature art. I use my own photos as the backdrop. I balance my driftwood and rocks to make your eyes have a genuine and gentle flow across the frame to see the rest of the subject. I use many different materials found in nature: ocean pebbles, beach glass, driftwood, twigs, pinecones, feathers, obsidian, dried flowers and plants and shells.

I continue to add different types of art each year, usually mixed media. For 2 years now I have been using alcohol ink to create vibrant colored framed art. The alcohol ink art is landscapes, dreamscapes, abstracts, and seascapes. I started using polymer clay with driftwood to create the Wee Drifters and landscapes out of clay on the wood. This unique art comes from my busy imagination.”

Sharon Cabrill / Guest Artist March/April 2021

EarthDance Studios and Gallery is delighted to host Sharon Crabill for a second month, with an additional eight paintings to delight your senses. To the fine display of masterfully painted landscapes from the March show, Sharon has added a selection of her truly wonderful still life paintings. Sharon’s still lifes evoke feelings of home, in days gone by, and of making beauty a priority in our homes today. Sharon moved to Redding in 1988 from her birthplace in Southern California, and is pleased to be a part of the growing community of artists in Shasta County. “My interest in art goes back to my early childhood years. I often joke that I started painting because as a child I could never stay in the lines. But it was through my childhood attraction to color and shape that I have developed a lifelong love of art. The color books soon turned to blank sheets of paper, and my life as an artist began.”

Sharon studied painting and design at Shasta College, Figure Drawing and 3-D design at the University of South Alabama, and has participated in various artist’s workshops and classes. Sharon has discovered the world of light and magic through paint. “It is my euphoric vision of nature and the world around me that I strive to create for others to enjoy.” Sharon hopes to provide an opportunity for others to enjoy her paintings in their homes. She is offering a one-time 25% discount on her paintings, for this show at EarthDance. Come to 140 Miner Street, Weaverville, corner of Oregon and Miner, to visit the new EarthDance Studios and Gallery, with Pam Yearout and Elizabeth Watson. Take in the beauty of Sharon Crabill’s paintings along with the work of Pam and Elizabeth, including EarthDance Jewelry. EarthDance will remain open for the Cruise, from 5 – 8, on Saturday April 3.

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