Art is essential… for learning, for healing, and development of self.
The mission of EarthDance partners, Pam Yearout and Elizabeth Watson,
is to foster opportunities for all ages to learn, create, show, and sell their art.
EarthDance Art Studios, Gallery & Gift Shop is open Thurs ~ Sun, 12-5
140 S. Miner Street, Weaverville – just off Main Street

Coming in April
Guest Artist Lynne Pearson
‘Abstract Painting’ – April 1 – May 31, 2022

Meet Lynne at Art Walk, Saturday April 2, 5-8pm

Lynne Pearson ‘Abstract Painting’

EarthDance is excited to show the abstract paintings of Redding artist Lynne Pearson for the months of April and May in their off-Main Gallery. The viewer is drawn to the bold colors and crisp lines of Lynne’s diverse abstracts. Lynne’s artistic nature has found expression in the visual arts since she retired from teaching. Lynne says, “My art is an expression of who I am.” She enrolled in an online Art2Life course while staying home during Covid restrictions which she says has helped her to begin and continue to create the art that she feels is within her. Her current direction is abstract art. She enjoys the challenge of play and intuition using color, line, shapes and texture. Lynne thanks her supportive husband for encouraging her on her artistic path. Find Lynne on Instagram: lpearson192.A

Current Show: ‘Winter Into Spring’
Hand Dyed and Painted Silk Art Quilts
by Guest Artist Karel Hendee
February 5 – March 31, 2022

Karel Hendee Hand Dyed and Painted Silk Art Quilts

“I will meet you there, at the edge of the land and the sea, and lie down in wildflowers awaiting me” – Karel Hendee

Karel Krystin Hendee
Silk and Fiber Artist

I fell in love with silk and silk-painting when I was in my mid-twenties. After years of drafting and computer graphics in the Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Oregon, I was thrilled with the free expression of dye oozing onto silk and the vibrant luminescent colors. My silk-paintings have evolved into art quilts through the years. I love combining the different fabrics with the silk to add contrasting texture and tone. Quilting the silk helps create angles and texture to catch the light in different ways. Piecing fabric together, like collage, is a very satisfying synthesis process. The end result of both silk-painting and fabric collage is unpredictable and mysterious. Each piece of art becomes an adventure.

My goals and aspirations as a fiber artist are both personal and communal. I find art to be the most helpful tool for me to explore and feel connected with the natural world, and to convey to others the beauty and fragility of our living environment. When I work with fabric and piece things together, I feel an integrative healing power come alive inside me. I love to combine unusual fabrics and create hints of mysticism. I enjoy celebrating the mysterious and miraculous qualities within and all around us. If my work expresses the spiritual beauty and playfulness of the natural world to others, then I feel my mission is accomplished. I believe we are longing for connection and harmony more than ever, and I dedicate my art toward a vision of cultivating peace on earth.

Winter Into Spring

This exhibit of painted silk art quilts consists of images to honor that sacred time of year where we bring one year to a close and yearn for a new beginning. 2021 was an extremely challenging year both personally and globally and I am entering 2022 with a tender yet hopeful heart. As the days slowly grow longer, there is a lot stirring underground and inside of things, and I feel this is very true for me. Deep inner self-care now will help me meet the seasons and challenges ahead with more resilience, vigor, and grace. As I look out the window of my house, and see the blackened and singed trees and woods that burned in the River Fire last August, I realize this is a form of alchemy. No, there is no going back, only forward and I want to step into that “newness” with openness. Through art, I hope to heal, change, and evolve with the land and emerge from the ashes with a heart of gold.

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